Building relationship with God and people


Evangelical Alliance
Grosvenor is a member of the Evangelical Alliance

Partnership UK
Partnership's aim is to encourage real spiritual life and growth in local churches and their individual members. Grosvenor is a member of Partnership.

Churches Together in Barnstaple
Grosvenor is a part of Churches Together in Barnstaple

Global Connections
Grosvenor is a member of this UK evangelical network for world mission. 

Willow Creek Association UK
Since 1992, Willow Creek Association has been linking like-minded, action-oriented churches with each other and with vision and training

Church Growth Trust
Grosvenor is advised by Church Growth Trust in matters concerning its property

Echoes of Service
The main purpose of Echoes is to serve missionaries around the world. They follow the principle of living by faith, and have proved God's faithfulness over 130 years of operations