February 16, 2020

[Impact your world] Php 2v5-7 |Jesus our example in Disciple-making | Nick Brown

Passage: Php 2:5-7

We looked at 3 ways Jesus is our example in disciple-making.
1) Preparation.
2) Prayer.
3) Patience.

1) Read Philippians 2:5-7, maybe in several different translations. (NIV, New Living, The
Message, Passion Bible.) How do we develop the same attitude as Christ Jesus?
What do we do? What does God do? Is this something we can know when we’ve
fully got it?

2) When you hear that you ought to pray more, what is your reaction? Ask if anyone in
the group has encouraging or helpful advice about praying more. Has anyone read a
helpful book on this?

(My suggestion : Pray Big like an apostle, by Alistair Begg. Short book I found very encouraging.)

3) How do you feel when someone you have been trying to help become a disciple
walks away and doesn’t want to know any more? What do you think God feels about
you when that happens?

Apologies that due to illness, there is no video of this week's message.