Family Groups


Family Groups meet at various times and places, weekly or fortnightly and in someone’s home.


Our desire is that everyone who attends Grosvenor Church be connected relationally with one another through a Family Group. By sharing the love of Christ and applying the truth of God’s Word in the context of a Family Group, our hope is that we would grow in Christ-likeness and in serving our communities.


Family Group Care Leaders supervise a number of Family Group Leaders and so they are indirectly responsible for everyone in a group in our Barnstaple congregation. These Family Group Care Leaders partner with Family Groups to empower the church in building healthy relationships and caring for one another.


Please send us your contact details using the form below and we will find the best family group for you.


Join the Journey


Everyone wanting to be part of Grosvenor Church is encouraged to participate in a process of discipleship through relationship. Initially, relationships are forged at a Family Group. Out of those relationships, discipling can create a closer bond. You and your Family Group leader together decide who will disciple you. You will then meet regularly with your discipler for guided study and mutual support.