What We Believe


In one God; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (referred to as ‘The Trinity’) .


The Bible is inspired by God and entirely trustworthy. It is our authority in matters of our faith and conduct.


Mankind has sinned and fallen from the original intended state and is consequently guilty and condemned before God.


That the Son of God (Jesus) was born to become a sacrifice for mankind’s sin and His death is the only basis for salvation from the guilt, power and eternal consequences of sin.


Mankind can be made right before God only by God’s grace and through faith (believing) in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


That the Holy Spirit shows us the truth, brings about new birth, comes to dwell in us and makes us holy (like Jesus).


All followers of Jesus form the worldwide church, a Body of which Christ is the Head, and are committed by His command to proclaim the Gospel throughout the world.


That Jesus Christ will return visibly to earth as Lord in power and glory.


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