Building relationship with God and people

Family Groups

Family Groups meet at various times and places, weekly or fortnightly and in someone's home.

Our desire is that everyone who attends Grosvenor Church be connected relationally with one another through a Family Group. By sharing the love of Christ and applying the truth of God's Word in the context of a Family Group, our hope is that we would grow in Christ-likeness and in serving our communities.

Every Elder supervises a number of Family Group Leaders and so Elders are indirectly responsible for everyone in a group whether they are in our Torrington or Barnstaple congregations.

Grosvenor's 2016/17 mission statement is "Growing Family"

Please send us your contact details using the form below or phone us 

Day Leaders Elder Time Location
Sunday John and Barbara Symons Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Sticklepath
Sunday  Youth Small Groups - 1st Sun Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Grosvenor
Sunday Bruce and Rose Lorimer Ramon, Richard & James 1pm  Newport
Monday Steve and Elaine Richardson Graham & Nick 7.30pm  Landkey
Monday Andy and Hilary Pierce Graham & Nick 7.30pm  Bickington
Tuesday Dave and Katie Symons & Bob and Steph Kirby Geoff & Dave 7.30pm  East the Water
Tuesday John and Rosemary Friend- 60s Graham & Nick 10.30am  Grosvenor Church
Tuesday  John Clarke Graham & Nick 7.30pm  Whiddon Valley
Tuesday  John and Suzanne Hynes & Jez Robinson Graham & Nick 7.30pm  Whiddon Valley
Wednesday Dave and Katie Symons Geoff & Dave 7.30pm  Bideford North
Wednesday  Ramon Bruzzichessi Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Braunton
Wednesday  Paul Symons - Youth Leaders Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Grosvenor
Wednesday  Youth Small Groups - 3rd Wed Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Grosvenor
Wednesday Nathan Sims  Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Eastacombe
Wednesday Tim and Rachel Gilbert Tim & Matt 7.30pm  Torrington
Wednesday Matt and Louise Wilcox Tim & Matt 7.30pm  Torrington
Wednesday David and Ruth Lyes Geoff & Dave 7.30pm  Bideford South
Thursday Paul and Stella Bolton & Kat Timms Geoff & Dave 7.30pm  Bideford Northam
Thursday Damien and Emma Land Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Newport
Thursday Nick and Susie Brown Graham & Nick 7.30pm  Whiddon Valley
Thursday Adam and Rosie Chapple & Phil and Jen Wells Graham & Nick 7.30pm  Bickington
Thursday Dick and Ros Chamings Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Newport
Thursday Barry and Jenny Jones Geoff & Dave 7.30pm  Abbotsham
Thursday Adrian and Margaret Bay Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Pilton
Thursday Richard and Angela Moore Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Ashford
Thursday Nick and Sarah Bale Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Bickington
Thursday Toni Oatway & Andrew and Amy Turner Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Pilton
Thursday Chris and Jenny Webber Geoff & Dave 7.30pm  Fremington
Thursday Mark and Annie Warner Tim & Matt 7.30pm  Ashford
Friday Gabe & Avril Parker Graham & Nick 10am  Bickington
Friday Vernon and Trish Andrew Tim & Matt 2pm  Torrington
Friday Mike & Natalie Oatway Ramon, Richard & James 7.30pm  Bratton Fleming

Family Group Request

Use this to find a Family Group when and where it meets. You can then email us to find out how to get involved.