Building relationship with God and people

Meet the Team

Grosvenor Church Barnstaple has both paid and volunteer leaders. The paid staff team oversee the central running of the church and ministries and work closely with a significant team of volunteer leaders. Most people’s first point of contact with our church might be through a Family Group which are led by a large number of volunteers. You can see many of these group leaders by clicking here.

Grosvenor's 2017-2018 mission statement is "Growing Family" by Looking UP to the Lord; Welcoming IN believers; Reaching OUT to a hurting world.

Graham Poland
Pastor, Elder and Apprenticeship
Ramon Bruzzichessi
Pastor, Elder and Trustee 
Email: Tim Gilbert
Tim Gilbert
Pastor, Elder 
Email: James Hyde
James Hyde
Elder and Company Secretary - Barnstaple Newcomers, Churches Together Barnstaple
Email: Matt Wilcox
Matt Wilcox
Email: Dave Symons
Matt Wilcox
Richard Moore
Email: Nick Brown
Nick Brown
Email: Paula Clarke
Paula Clarke
Children & Families
Email: Paul Symons
Paul Symons
Youth Pastor
Email: Simon Wallis
Simon Wallis
Email: Susie Brown
Susie Brown
Barnstaple Operations
Email: Susie Guyler
Susie Guyler
Barnstaple Administration & Finance
Email: David Clapp
David Clapp
Trustee and Church Treasurer
Email: Pete Denard
Pete Denard
Trustee and Torrington Finance