About Us


We start our Sundays with coffee at 9.30am.  Our Sunday morning Service (10.00am) has a lively and warm family atmosphere combining worship and teaching from the Bible. Activities for children and youth (up to 14) run simultaneously.


When you arrive and have left your car in our parking area, you will be greeted by someone at the door and directed to where you can find a seat. Normally the service starts with a joyful and lively couple of songs which are led by a worship group. Words are always projected on the front wall, but you are free just to observe if you would prefer not to sing. There will be an offering for regular attenders, but we do not expect visitors to contribute. The talk is usually for about 30 minutes and based on the Bible. It is always related to life issues and of a practical nature. Sometimes there is participation by people in the congregation who will pray out loud or share something that could encourage others.


During the service or at the end there is an opportunity for people to receive prayer or to talk with someone if they want to. After the service tea or coffee are served and there is time to stay and chat.


We have a Guests Desk. This is an ideal way to find out more about our church. Someone will make you a cup of tea or coffee and answer questions. If you wish you can leave your details and someone from the church will be in contact with you.


We look forward to welcoming you to our church.